Friday, July 31, 2015

Gosh That's nice, That Lingerie

I am currently a little bit obsessed with Gertie Hirsch. I have bought most of her Butterick patterns. Today I'm going to talk about pattern 6031. Gertie's blog has a wonderful series of tutorials on how to make the slip from the pattern. I've made this slip once already, which I talked about in this post. Incidentally, I think I now have a personal rule that posts about my underwear must be titled with ridiculous quotes/references. 

Today is really just about posting pictures of the rest of what I made from that pattern. I made three versions of the camisole. One in black

And two in white. All three are the longer version because I've got a long torso. I only took a picture of one of the white ones because they look the same. I didn't have enough black lace to edge the bottom of the black camisole, but I did do both of the white. They are made with knit fabrics so the finish wasn't strictly necessary, but I thought they looked sort of raw without the lace. 

I even went back and added it to the first nude slip. I had initially not wanted it because I thought it would make the slip not move as smoothly underneath a dress, but upon further consideration I've decided that I don't care because it looks so much prettier this way. 

I made two more of the slip too, again one in black.

And one in white. 

With the nude slip I used lingerie elastic (you know, the stuff with the picot edge on one side) to finish the top edge, but on the black and the white slips and the camisoles I just sewed lace all the way around. I initially was just going to leave it raw - I was feeling cheap and didn't want to pay for the lace or elastic - but the fabric started to sort of run on me. Not a lot, but enough to make me want to finish the edges. You can see the run in this photo.

All in all, they were inexpensive, fun to make, fit well, and are really comfy. The fabric is soft, although it doesn't breath super well (pretty sure it's 100% polyester, but I didn't look that closely at the label). They are too low cut to wear the camisoles as tanks, but they make great undershirts, which was really what I wanted them for. The white slip works really well underneath the stripped skirt I posted about last time. I think I'm done with the pattern for the moment, but I feel like I got some good use out of it. I'm sure as some point I'll make the panties, but not out of the same fabric. I like a higher cotton content for my underpants. 

In another couple of posts I'll talk about other Gertie patterns that I've been working on.

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