Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick and Cute Skirt

I have noticed while talking to other sewers that there seems to be a widespread fear of sewing with knits. This is not a fear I really understand. I love knits. I find them to be a bit more forgiving to work with this woven fabric because the fit doesn't have to be as perfect.

I also find knit projects tend to work up faster. Case and point this skirt (which is a McCall's pattern, but I can't find a link to it on their website):

This skirt literally took me less then 30 minutes to cut out and sew together. If I had felt like dragging out my serger it probably would have take about 15 minutes. And that includes the time it took for my to make sure that the strips would line up when I was cutting the fabric.

I'm actually pretty pleased that they lined up because I was still taking valium for my neck injury when I decided to make this skirt and I had actually meant for the strips to go the other way so clearly I wasn't actually thinking that clearly when I cut the fabric. 

I'll freely admit that part of why it was such a quick project was that I didn't bother to hem it. When I started I had intended to hem the fabric, but I decided that I liked the way it curled at the bottom, I think it adds to the fun, casual, flirty feeling on the skirt. And that is part of why I love working with knits. Don't want to hem it? No problem, it's not going to unravel, and you don't end up with awful dangling bits of thread. 

And speaking of not unraveling, that means I don't have to bother with any sort of clean finish for the seams. I just run two lines of zig-zag and call it good. 

Yep, knits are pretty much my favorite. I've got one more knit skirt that I made this same weekend, I'm going to write about it next.

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