Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wedding Garter

Yesterday I talked about what I got Boyfriend for our anniversary. Well, today I'm going to talk about what he got me: an engagement ring! So Boyfriend is actually Fiance now. His gift was far more exciting than a truck bench seat cover. 

We have sort of decided on July for the wedding, so there is really no rush on making anything (but please do look forward to possibly a lot of wedding craft related posts, especially when I start making my dress). 

Even though I knew it was totally pointless and unnecessary when I have so few concrete plans, and so much time to go I wanted to start working on something wedding related, so I decided to crochet a garter. 

My grandmother taught me to crochet before she taught me to knit, so sometime around four or five years old. All I ever managed to make were long chains and triangles. The triangles made great doll clothes, but I never managed to make them that way on purpose, it was always because I was accidentally adding or dropping stitches. So in my head crochet is this tricky thing that I am really rather bad at. So why crochet a garter? Because I'm crazy. 

But much to my surprise it turned out not to be difficult. 

For my first attempt, I used the pattern Bridal Garter by Darlisa Riggs. Although I liked the look of it, it did come out to big, it fits around the very fattest part of my thigh, which is a bit higher than I want to wear it. I'm not super surprised. I used a number 10 crochet thread because it was all I could find, but the pattern called for number 30. I did cast on fewer stitches (is it even called casting on with crochet? I so don't know) but alas, too big. That's okay though. It was great practice and it really boosted my crochet confidence.

In fact, it boosted it to the point where I decided for my second attempt to just make up my own pattern. Yes, I really did go from thinking I didn't really know how to crochet to making up my own pattern and working on a 1.4mm hook.

I'm pretty happy with the finished result. I need some 1/4" ribbon for it, though. And yes, my leg really is that pale,

Here is roughly how I made it:

The lacey bit is in multiples of 8 sts, if you want to make it smaller or bigger

Using number 10 crochet cotton and 1.4mm hook

Ch 160
Join in the round (carefully not to twist it, that took me several tries)
rnds 1-3: sc in each stitch
rnd 4: ch 3 *tr 1 in next sc, ch 1, sk next sc,* repeat to end of rnd
rnds 5-6: sc in each stitch
rnd 7: ch 2, dc in each sc
rnd 8: ch 1, dc 2, *ch 9, sk 3 dc, dc 1 in each of next 5 dc* repeat ending ch 9, sk 3, dc 1 in each of next 2 dc
rnd 9: ch 1, dc 1 in next dc *ch 5, sk 1 dc and 4 ch, dc 1 in next ch, ch 5, sk 4 ch and 1 dc, dc 1 in next 3 dc* repeat ending ch 5 sk 4 ch and 1 dc, dc 1 in next dc, dc 1 in ch
rnd 10: ch5 *sk 1 dc and 5 ch, sc in dc work [ch 5, sc in dc below] 3 times, ch 5 sk 5 ch and 1 dc, dc 1 in next dc, ch 5* repeat ending in ch 5, sk 5 ch and 1 dc, dc 1 in ch
Fasten off.

I really hope that pattern makes sense. Not only have I never written a crochet pattern before I've never even really read one before. I had to look up every abbreviation here. Even with the whole, I have no idea what I'm doing thing, this only took me about five hours to make. And I can't believe that after nearly 20 years of knitting, the first pattern I'm writing down and sharing is crochet!

If you have any questions about the pattern please leave a comment.

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