Sunday, August 16, 2015

Craft Beer Fest Dress

Yesterday was a great day. I went to the Everett Craft Beer Festival with my mom, step-dad, and boyfriend. I wore a really cute dress.

The Pattern is McCall's 7188 view A. I had been planning on making the dress in a heavier fabric for winter wear over a long sleeve shirt, but I was at JoAnn's on Friday and saw the beer patterned fabric and I just couldn't say no. I wouldn't normally go for an outfit like that, it was a small step out of my comfort zone to wear something that whimsical. 

I think it's a step I will be taking more often.

The best part of the fabric is that one of the bottles says "catfish" which was my nickname in school and the theme for my first tattoo. It was the deciding factor in buying the fabric and making the dress.

The pattern was easy to make, I got it done in the afternoon after work on Friday. The bodice is completely lined, which I like. Next time I need to remember to clip the seams before turning it right side out though because there is some excess bulk around the arms and neckline. I also want to wait until everything else is done before understitching the neck and arms because it made the zipper installation a little fiddlier than it needed to be. 

All in all, I am pleased with the pattern and the dress. I got a ton of compliments at the beer fest. One woman even gave me two of her leftover tokens because I had "the cutest outfit in the whole festival."

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