Saturday, February 21, 2015

Today was a Good Day

Today was a good day for crafting. I didn't finish any projects, but I did make headway on a couple.

I didn't get my pi-shawl done by the 13th like I had hoped. I was going to wear it to a friend's funeral, but by the fifth chart it was taking about 45 minutes per two rounds, and I would have had to skip either work or sleep to get it done. I've got 14 rounds of the sixth chart and the bind-off left to go now. I got 8 rounds done today, so I'm pretty sure I'll finish it this week. I'll post a picture when it is blocked, but right now it just looks like a funny black pile of yarn because I've got it all bunched up on circular needles.

I'm especially eager to get it done because my knit-picks order came today and I try very hard to only have one big project on the needles at a time. Last week I ordered yarn for three new cardigans, I really wasn't expecting it to show up until next week.

I am particularly excited about the light colored yarn in the front of the box. It is 70% linen and 30% cotton. I don't normally do anything but dish-clothes out of cotton because I don't think it has enough recovery for sweaters and I don't like having to wash a sweater every single time I wear it just to shrink it back to shape, but I've never knit with linen before and I'm really excited to give it a try and see what happens. All I know about it is that it's supposed to get softer with every wash. I've picked out a 3/4 sleeve cardi pattern and I think it will make a nice summer sweater. As I make the sweaters I'll link to patterns and talk more about the yarn (oh, and I'm sure it goes without saying, but I am in no way affiliated with knit-picks).

Today I also spent some time sewing. I started with the blue button-up shirt that I cut out a couple days ago. I just need to put the cuffs on the sleeves, attach the sleeve to the body, and do the buttonholes/buttons and then it is ready to go. It's probably only an hours worth of work at most, but I just ran out of steam to finish tonight. I'm sure I'll get it done tomorrow though. 

I do want to call attention to my sleeve placket. This is one of the modifications I made to the original pattern. Instead of doing the sleeve placket the way instructions call for I use this tutorial. It's easy to follow and makes a beautiful placket every time. I used to hate making button-up shirts because I couldn't do buttonholes and I couldn't do the placket. Well, now that I have an automatic buttonhole foot and this tutorial I have no fear anymore.

I think it looks pretty handsome if I do say so myself. I'll post another picture when the cuff is attached/the shirt is done. 

That's it for today, I've got to go make dinner now (stir-fry, yum). I'll write more about my shirt when I finish it tomorrow.

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