Sunday, February 8, 2015

ArtChain Day Two

Today's Artchain picture is a more recent project. Back in October my boyfriend and I went on a date up in Bellingham, and because he is wonderful and loves me very much he agreed to go into a yarn shop that we found. The upper level of the shop was all spinning fibers. I got really excited because they had all sorts of delightful exotic fibers that I had never gotten to touch in real life before. The absolutely most amazingly soft one was baby camel. I didn't get any at the time, but I kept thinking about it.

About a month later my birthday rolled around and as a special treat to myself I bought eight heavenly ounces of undyed baby camel commercial top.

I bought the top with the intention of spinning it into yarn to make a shawl to wear to a wedding about six weeks later. I'm actually sort of shocked that I made it with a couple weeks to spare and about 200 yards of yarn left. I think the rest of the camel will get knit into a cowl. It's so soft that wearing it around my neck sort of feels obligatory.

And there is the shawl, plus the left-over skein of yarn. It's a bit of a departure from my usual lace shawls, but the solidity of it was nice for a late December wedding and I felt like the yarn was displayed better this way. The pattern is The Winter Sparkles Shawl, with smaller yarn and more repeats. It was a pleasantly brain-less knit and I'm pleased with how to the shawl turned out. 

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