Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Newest Button-up

It took me ages to get around to writing this post. I guess this week I've been more focused on crafting than writing about said crafting. I finished up the button-up that I mentioned in the last post.

I know it isn't a great picture, but I didn't have anyone around to help me take a better one. I'm pretty content with the way it turned out. Next time I am not going to bother top-stitching the collar band because I just don't think it's necessary and I don't like the way it looks, but it doesn't bother me enough to pick it back out. I am very happy with the two inches of added length because I can wear it tucked or untucked to work and know that the tattoo on my back will not be putting in an unexpected appearance. Grading from the size 18 to the 16 from bust to waist was also effective because I don't have even a little bit of pull on the top button (which is a bit of a miracle at my bust size).

I didn't use a proper shirting material for this one, instead I just went with plain old "country cotton" from Jo-Ann's. Although it is thinner I actually think I like the drape of this a little bit more than the shirt I made with shirting. The shirting is nice because it's thick (no worries about a colorful bra showing through) but I also don't like it because it's so thick, it doesn't feel as nice to wear. Plus in my world 100% cotton will always beat fabric with spandex. 

There is a linen-cotton blend with a floral print at Jo-Ann's that I really want to use for another of these tops, then I think I am going to try making the version with princess seams. I don't really care for tight tops, but I think I would like to try something with just a little more fit/shape to it. 

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about finishing my pi-shawl.

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