Saturday, August 6, 2016

Socks for the Hubby

Forever and a day ago (which in this case means Dec 9th, 2015) I started a pair of socks for Husband. I meant to give them to him for Christmas, but alas, I did not come even close to finishing them on time. Husband does like the leg of his sock to be long, but I don't think his socks are really all that much bigger than my own, but somehow I can whip out a pair of socks for me in about a week, but it takes me months and months to make him a pair. I think it might be because he likes such boring patterns that I get sick of them and just don't take the time to work on them.

Well, I finally finished this pair of socks on July 8th, so instead of Christmas socks, they became wedding socks. It was pure coincidence that they went so well with his gray vest and gray shoes. He is a man of muted color preferences. It worked out nicely, though. I used a light fingering yarn, instead of fingering weight so they came out a bit thinner than typical hand-knit socks, more like dress socks than work socks so they fit his dress shoes.

They may have taken me forever to knit because I got bored, but I am pleased with the finished product. The original pattern is Thermal Weasley's because I was going with a Harry Potter theme to socks for the year, and more importantly, I liked the broken rib stitch pattern, but I made some pretty extensive modifications to the pattern. I lengthened the leg by more than twice what the pattern asked for, and I changed the heel to a slip-stitch heel with a garter stitch edge, and I changed the decreases for the toe to make them more gradual. 

Husband must have liked them also because he showed them off to his Grandmother and Aunt and Uncle. I always love it when he brags about what I make him, it makes me feel like I've done the job well. 

Maybe I will start a new pair of socks for him now. With some luck I bet I could have them done by Christmas. 

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