Sunday, July 31, 2016

Linen Vests

I was so caught up in trying to finish wedding projects that I didn't really post much about what I was actually doing. In addition to sewing my own dress, I also made vests for my husband and for our friend who officiated for us.

The vests are fully lined with bemburg rayon, the outer fabric is a mid-weight 100% linen from I've ordered from them a couple of times and their fabric is just delightful. Linen isn't particularly easy to work with because it likes to try and slip off grain and it unravels with amazing speed, but it's well worth the effort, I love the feel of linen. Husband's vest is just a bare shade lighter than our officiant. I think the colorways were Asphalt and Graphite.

Retrospectively I wish I had used a lighter fabric to line Husband's vest, but there really wasn't one available to me.

And you can see how quickly linen wrinkles in these photos. I pressed everything while I was sewing then I threw them over a chair to wait until I had better lighting to take photos and in just those couple of hours they wrinkled. Husband also didn't like how the pockets were laying on his, so I sewed them shut, even though those welt pockets took longer to sew than all the rest of the vest. 

Don't the boys look handsome wearing their vests though? I was nervous beyond all belief making one for our friend. I think it's the first time I've sewed a garment for someone other than Husband or myself and Husband had a less than enthusiastic response to his the first time he saw it (because of the wrinkles) so I was terrified our friend wouldn't like his either.

All in all, I am really happy with the finished result. I think it was just what they needed to look extra dapper without being too warm (which is also why they are in linen rather than wool or a poly blend). I just think suit jackets at a summer wedding would be torture.

So, expect a couple more wedding project posts while I get caught up, and then I promise we can move on and I'll go back to just whatever random pattern catches my fancy. 

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