Sunday, May 22, 2016

Quick Tatting Projects

Typically for every long-term project I have going on I try to have a quick and easy project too. I find the balance helps keep me interested in the long-term by having the immediate gratification of something that can be done in an afternoon. Lately, though I've just been working on long-term projects, either one of the two sweaters I have on the needles or wedding projects. I've been starting to feel frustrated and burnt out because I was working and working without getting anything finished, so this weekend I took a little break and made a few quick tatting projects.

First, I made a pair of earrings:

Did you know it is ridiculously hard to take a picture of your own ear?

This was the best I could manage to try and give you an idea of how large they are.

I got the pattern here. The instructions for how to tat are a little less than helpful I think. I would have been totally confused if it was actually my first foray into needle tatting, but I thought the pattern was cute. 

Making the earrings only took me about half an hour to do both, which just made me want to tat more so this afternoon I made a small piece of lace.

 I didn't use a pattern for this one, I basically just made it up as I went along, and I didn't write down what I did, so I probably couldn't do it the same way a second time. I like the way that it looks, though, and I think it will be really cute as part of a hair comb for the wedding. Ha. I was trying to get away from wedding projects, but I wasn't very successful. Oh well. At least I have the satisfaction of two finished tatting projects. I feel a bit better now.

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