Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dirndl Skirt

I've been doing tons of sewing lately, but my blog updates have been haphazard at best because of my crazy work schedule. Not that it takes a long time to write these posts, but I need light for the pictures and I live in a basement apartment so I pretty much have to take my photos between two and three o'clock in the afternoon to get the best light. 

This skirt is one that I made a while ago, but I only recently got around to taking pictures and thus writing a post about it. If asked I would adamantly deny that I like the color pink. I would also claim that I don't like synthetic fabrics. And yet when I was in JoAnn's this hot pink, fake "linen" which is actually a poly/rayon blend was just screaming for me to take it home. Much to my own surprise, I got four yards and made a dirndl (gathered) style skirt. I really like this skirt. I think it's comfortable and flattering. It also has the advantage of not needing a pattern because it's just three rectangles.

I decided to jazz it up a bit by adding pockets with a fun teal printed fabric. I should have placed the pockets about an inch higher because I have to reach down just a bit to slip my hands in, but I still love having pockets on a skirt and they are big enough for my entire hand (because I basically just traced a mitten shape around my hand to get the size).

Becuase I try to learn something new with every project, and there was nothing else very challenging with this skirt I challenged myself to do an inset lapped zipper, rather than my usual center lapped zipper. I think it's an attractive zipper, although when I use it in the future I will make sure to 1) leave more than 5/8 seam allowance so I have plenty of fabric for the lap and 2) make sure that I leave a space free of gathers because they made a challenging amount of bulk to deal with and it doesn't look as good as it should have. 

All in all I love this skirt. It's fun, it makes me feel cute and flirty, and it's easy to dress up or down. I think I'm pretty much going to live in it this summer. 

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