Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Undervaluing Crafts

I think I've mentioned before that I joined Instagram. I have been having way too much fun finding new craftspeople and bloggers that way. Today I want to talk about a video I found a couple weeks ago on Instagram by Style Sew Me, she blows my sewing skills out of the water. If you are a crafter I'm sure you've encountered the scenarios she outlines in the video. 

I've been getting an increasing number of friends asking to trade money for sewing. Pretty much 99% of the time I want to say no because the amount of money offered is never enough for the amount of time I would have to put in. I don't think this is my friend's fault. They have no idea how much time I put into some of the stuff I make, and therefore, don't know that they are offering me the equivalent of $0.10 an hour. Especially since their only price comparison is the poorly made, disposable clothing commonly found in places like Target. When everywhere you go sells shirts for $15, scarfs for $20 and sweaters for $25 you have no idea that those prices won't even cover the yarn for most handmade goods. 

I've been guilty in the past of offering a lower price point too, because I know my friends don't have any more money than I do, and the reason that I sew my own clothes is because I can't afford custom prices.

But I am saying enough it enough. I am more than willing to trade money or goods for knitting or sewing, but from this moment forth I am going to ask for a reasonable amount of money for the time that I put in. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to teach people how much time it takes to sew or knit an article of clothing. I am not going to contribute to the undervaluing of handmade goods by allowing people to pay me less than my time is worth. 

I'm going to finish with this image I found on Facebook back in November. 

Please wish me luck actually sticking to my guns on this one.

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