Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bath Mat

Moving is a pain in the rear, but I have been totally enjoying going from room to room in my new apartment making lists of the items that I need and sprucing up my decorating. When I was living in Everett I didn't really bother to decorate, I barely even hung any pictures because our apartment was small and dark and I just couldn't muster up the energy to care. The new apartment is awesome though, and totally worthy of decorations. 

I'm starting my redecorating in the bathroom for a number of reasons. When we moved I threw away our old shower curtain. I had had it since I was nineteen, so I was kind of bored with the pattern on it, and the contractors that had been working in our bathroom stained it with I don't even want to know what. So our first purchase for our new apartment was a new shower curtain. I would have liked to have made one myself, but it was a sort of immediate need. Fiance and I are both trying to internalize the idea that just because we can make something ourselves, doesn't mean we have to. 

So I got a cute new red black and cream shower curtain and hung it up. But the new curtain made the space seem colorless and washed out. I didn't want to shell out for new towels yet, but I did want something to bring in more color and I was given a JoAnn's gift card for Christmas, so I bought two cones of Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton in red and knit a new bathmat. 

Using two strands held together I did a three stitch wide seed stitch border and moss stitch for the middle. The texture is wonderfully soft on my feet and the red really livens up the space nicely. Using two strands of worsted weight yarn together made the knitting go super fast, it took me less than a week to knit. 

I also hung my cross-stitch cat above the toilet because it was matted with the right colors. I'm taking the red and black color scheme and running with it. Next week I will post about my new black laundry bag. 

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  1. I love the fabric on your shower curtain. Great print!