Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding Dress Ideas

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I spent last week at my future in-laws house (oh gosh, can I just say that I love calling them that?) so I didn't get a lot done in the way of crafting, but I did spend the week looking at silk swatches (and sometimes fondling, and sometimes rubbing them on my face like the weirdo that I am (I can't help it, they feel so nice)) for my wedding dress. I'm, like, 95% sure that I don't want to wear a white dress, but just in case I did get some white swatches. This one is my favorite of the shades of white:

And below is the one that I'm pretty sure will be the main fabric for my wedding dress. I didn't want white, but I didn't really want to depart too far from white either, and blue is sort of my signature color. I guess teal is really my signature color, but Fiance asked that I not wear teal, so blue it is. I like this shade because it is blue, but sort of just barely.

And this is the color I want to use for a sash around my waist. It's a teensy bit lighter in real life, and it is almost the same color of my favorite invitations. Plus I think it would look great as a pocket square for Fiance (I've already decided that he gets a gray linen vest for his wedding outfit). I'm not into matching outfits, but I do like the idea of subtle continuity between our outfits. 

I was thinking about a sweetheart corset top and a floor-length full but limp skirt, but when I expressed that to Fiance he said "What? Don't do that. That would be horrible." While I'm not going to bend over backward to accommodate his wishes I also want to wear something he will think is pretty, so I think I will make a corset to wear under the dress, but do a retro feeling, maybe tea-length, dress. I love 50s style poofy dresses, and my wedding is sort of the perfect occasion to wear one. Plus I have a just below knee-length organza petticoat already in my closet waiting for the perfect occasion. I'm not giving up my sweetheart neckline though. 

I've still got 10 months to finalize ideas, but I'm having a lot of fun thinking about it right now.


  1. You are SO awesome for making your wedding dress. I'm engaged but I don't think my skills will stretch quite far enough to sewing mine!! I can't wait to see how it comes along :-) x

    1. Thanks! I'm a little nervous that it won't come out well, but I think I would regret not giving it a go.